Bonobos Pants

Bonobos Pants
The best-fitting pants money can buy

Bonobos is the ideal menswear company that started with a simple but innovative mission to provide comfortable pants that fit well.  Matching classic style with contemporary fit, the Huckleberry Pants ($98) from Bonobos are a perfect example of their quality products.  Take a quick tour of the Bonobos website and feast your eyes on how their collection of products has grown to outfit your entire wardrobe.


  1. Zela Jones

    The Bonobos business model is a bad one. They make the assumption that guys don’t want to shop so they don’t have retail stores. This means that you can’t try them on before you buy, so you have no way of knowing if they’ll actually fit. They only make a single cut of pants which means that, by definition, they will fit a certain body type but not others. On top of this, the pants come unhemmed for that “perfect fit” which means that you have to take the time and energy to do some sewing or take them to a tailor. Either way, its a much more painful process than walking into a store and choosing, from a variety of brands and styles, a pair of pants that actually fit.

    • Tim MacGougan

      Tim from Bonobos here. Seems worth responding to, hope you don’t mind if I jump in.

      Online sales have been going really well for us, but there are some folks that need to try clothes on before they buy. We don’t intend to forfeit those customers to retail stores forever. Earlier this year we started rolling out a “Fit Ninja” program. We have a NYC showroom where people can come in and try stuff on and we have folks here able to help them out. We’re opening another showroom in Palo Alto in a few months and if they continue to do well we may well open more.

      The fit of our pants is different for each fabric, so we do have some styles better suited for different body types. That information isn’t easily available on the site though, which we’re working on. We’re bringing in some designated “slim fits” but you’re right that for the most part the fits are similar across the board.

      In general, our pants tend to fit better on nearly everyone because of the curved waistband and all-round contoured fit. Most mass-produced pants are made to fit on everyone but don’t really fit anyone. Our customer base tends to be diverse and loyal. We have twigs, athletic types, and bigger guys that like our stuff. There are still some folks that don’t fit though, and we’re constantly striving to expand our offerings to be able to serve everyone.

      We still have dress pants that come long, but most of our casual pants do have variable inseams. That’s new as of about a year and a half ago, and we continue to have as many different size offerings as we can.

      In the end, if you don’t like something you don’t pay a dime. Shipping is free both ways and there’s no rush because we have lifetime returns.

      I’ve gotta stick up for the business model a bit because we’ve had a ton of growth (4 years ago the company was 2 guys selling pants out of their apartment), but we’re nowhere close to perfect. Your issues with the company are shared by others. We’re a small company so it’s pretty easy for us to listen to concerns and make changes. Thanks for the feedback, we’re working on getting better. Hopefully this wasn’t too long winded.


  2. The Contemporary Gent

    Thank you for commenting, Zela! We totally understand your frustration, and you make a valid point that the Bonobos shopping experience is not for everyone. One thing that separated Bonobos from the field, however, is that you can return anything, at any time, for any reason. So if you are willing to take a chance with them, they are willing to do whatever they can to keep you as a customer.

  3. Jim from Bonobos

    Your points are definitely valid. That said, by not having stores, our overhead costs are vastly diminished, though, so we can pass on to our customers a better price for higher quality items than would be possible if we were paying for retail space. We also pay for shipping both ways and encourage customers to order more than one size/style to see what works best and then to use the prepaid return label in the box to send back whatever they don’t like. You essentially don’t have any money in the game until you have clothes that you love. And with a return policy that says we’ll take any item back, at any time for any reason, you should be put at ease given that we stand behind everything we sell. As for the hemming issues, only our dress pants come unhemmed—the rest come in variable inseams for convenience. Anyway, we covet customer feedback, so thanks so much for taking the time. Feel free to get in touch with the ninjas if we can help with anything else!

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