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If you are bike commuter or just a weekend rider, check out these two-wheelers.



If a bike and a skateboard had an child, it would be the Gauswheel (~$100).  At first we weren’t really sure how it worked, but upon further review we see that this push-powered, big-wheel rig is the coolest/weirdest ride since the caster board.  We have yet to see somebody hit the vert ramp with it, but we appreciate the ingenuity nonetheless.

BOXX Electric Scooter

One Meter Vehicle
Contemporary Masculine

Usually when you think of scooters, only one brand comes to mind (hint: it starts with a V).  As classy as their scooters might be, Vespa has nothing on the Boxx Electric Scooter ($3995).  At an incredible 1 meter long, this scooter has a top speed of 35mph, runs completely on electricity, and will surely warrant a few second-looks from the ladies.  Trust us, you will be the only guy in town with one of these (unless you live in Portland).

Helvetica Bike

Fixed-gear Bike
Contemporary Masculine

We usually don’t post things that we can’t find the price of, but we are making an exception for the Helvetica Bike ($TBA).  Set for release in 2012, this fixed-gear bike is the result of a project by the Borja Garcia Studio celebrating the 55-year anniversary of Max Miedinger’s font: helvetica.  Like the classic font, this bike is all about design and simplicity.  Hipsters rejoice!

Bookman Light

Bike Light
Contemporary Masculine

Daylight Savings Time is over, which means you bicycle commuters are riding home in the dark.  Unless you like riding around in stealth-mode at night, you should probably equip yourself with some Bookman Lights (~$26).  THe super-simple design let’s you attach and detach these lights in seconds.  Comes with one light for your handlebar and one for your tail.


Fuji Feather Fixed-gear Bicycle

Fuji Feather Fixed Gear Bike
Contemporary Masculine

Since Steve Jobs made it OK to have all-white everything, then we think it’s OK to have an all white hipster ride like the Fuji Feather ($689).  We know it’s cliche and trendy, but fixed-gear bikes just look cool. Pair it with the Retrovelo Bicycle Frame Bag for a complete hipster commuting package. (also comes in all-black or yellow/white).

Retrovelo Bicycle Frame Bag

Retrovelo Frame Bag
Contemporary Masculine

If you are a bike commuter, you likely suffer from lack of practical storage space.  The Retrovelo Bicycle Frame Bag ($385) solves your storage conundrum.  This removable bag fits most horizontal top tube frames and has enough space your laptop and other daily necessities.  Now you can keep your baggage off your back and focus on the road.  Made from fine leather, comes in brown or black.