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Woodinville Whiskey Co. – Age Your Own Whiskey Kit

Age Your Own Whiskey Kit
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When you take your whiskey as seriously as we do, sometimes it’s better just to age your own even if only prove that you can compete with the big boys on quality.  The Woodinville Whiskey Co. – Age Your Own Whiskey Kit ($150) gives you everything you need to make your own home distillery.   Each Kit includes two 750 ml bottles of 110 proof White Dog un-aged whiskey, a 2-liter aging barrel, a pouring funnel, two tasting glasses, and step-by-step instructions (because you have likely never done this before).  Whatever you do, just don’t let the Feds find out.

Japanese Ice Pick

Cool Ice Pick
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After reading this post about ice from our friends at The Mixing Glass, we learned that real bartenders take their ice very seriously.  For example, the Japanese have developed a technique for carving ice balls using an ice pick that vastly improves the taste of your whiskey.  If you are willing to learn this craft yourself, you need this Japanese Ice Pick ($59.95).  Designed to resemble a mountaineer’s pick, this ice pick is made from stainless steel with a wooden handle, keeping your pick rust free and ready to do work on your ice block.

Tether Stemware Saver

Stemware Saver

Though your preference may be whiskey, it’s ok to enjoy a glass of wine every now and then.  The only problem with wine is the glasses often break in the dishwasher, that’s where the Tether Stemware Saver ($14.99) comes in.  Another ingenious product from Quirky, this stemware saver has a hollow back that slides over a dishwasher post and a clasp on the other end that holds your wine glasses (or martini glasses) free from harm. Purple may not be the manliest of colors, but nobody wants broken wine glasses either. Comes in a set of 4.

Stainless Steel Olive Stuffer

Olive Stuffer
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If you are a man who takes his cocktails seriously, then your home bar needs this Stainless Steel Olive Stuffer ($19.95).  Whether you are blue cheese martini die-hard, or you are just tired of the same old pimento, this olive stuffer will make sure your olives are stuffed to the fullest with your stuffing of choice (bacon?).

BACtrack SingleShot Disposable Breath Alcohol Tester

BACtrack SingleShot
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There are much better things to get arrested for than drinking and driving. So the next time you are enjoying a few suds with your buds, make sure you know where you stand with the law.  The BACtrack SingleShot ($9.99) is a disposable breath alcohol tester that fits in fits in your pocket at just under 3 inches long.  Simply pinch the middle of the tube, blow on the end, and the crystals will change colors from yellow to blue/green if your BAC is at or above 0.02% (the legal limit).  Consider it your pocket savior.

kMix Drip Coffee Maker

Coffe Maker
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If you are interested in being more fiscally responsible in the New Year, a good place to start is by cutting out your daily $5 double mocha macchiato with extra whipped cream.  The kMix Drip Coffee Maker ($119.99) is a 5-cup caffeine machine with a durable die-cast aluminum exterior.  Comes in nine different colors, with a design that you can be proud to leave on your counter.

Original Disposable Flask

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Football season is almost over, but you still have a few more opportunities to sneak hooch into the stadium.  And if you are going to do it, do it right with the Original Disposable Flask ($10.49) from Restoration Hardware.  This set of three 7.5 fl oz. floppy flasks ensure that you keep your buzz going without killing your wallet.