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Movember Limited Edition LSTN Troubadours

Movember Limited Edition LSTN Troubadours

Looking for a fresh pair of headphones? LSTN has a pair that might peak your interest. Besides helping restore hearing through Starkey Hearing Foundation, each pair of the Movember x LSTN collaboration headphones ($150) donates $50 directly to Movember. Each pair has glossy, gray finish and features the Movember logo engraved in both sides of the reclaimed wood cups. Listen to good music, save lives.

Aedle VK-1 Headphones

Aedle VK-1 HeadphonesIf you are unwilling to let anything but the finest lamb skin touch your ears, then look no further than the Aedle VK-1 Headphones ($325+). Finally, a pair of gorgeous headphones to rival Beats by Dr. Dre and anything Apple has ever made. After two years of design, these headphones are borderline works of art with genuine lambskin leather cushions and aircraft grade aluminum on the cups. Oh yeah, and they sound amazing too.

Playboy’s Greatest Covers

Playboy's Greatest Covers Few things are more essentially manly than a Playboy Magazine, which is why we recommend Playboy’s Greatest Covers ($24) for your next coffee table book purchase.  Compiled by Playboy contributor Damon Brown, curated by Hugh Hefner, with a foreword by Pamela Anderson herself (!), this book will undoubtedly have you turning the pages and browsing through decades of beauty.

Jamboo Headphones

Jamboo Headphones copy

Another day, another successfully funded Kickstarter campaign: Jamboo Headphones ($30) are an easy upgrade from the standard white earbuds that came with your iPhone. These bamboo wood headphones have colorful hand-woven threads wrapping the cord, making you stand out and giving you the comfort of knowing that you won’t have to spend 20 minutes untangling next time you want to hear some jams.

Lowdi Speaker

Lowdi Bluetooth Speaker

With all of the amazing bluetooth enabled gadgets coming out, we wonder why we even use wires anymore.  The Lowdi Speaker (~$130) is the latest affordable bluetooth speaker to hit the market. With two built-in 3 watt speakers, this sound box can hit up to 80 decibals and its rechargeable battery last up to 8 hours. Awesome carrying pouch included (shown above).


Bar Notes App

There is one truth we all know about alcohol: it’s better when enjoyed with friends, which is why you need the BarNotes App (FREE). BarNotes is the first social platform dedicated to the art of the cocktail.  You can discover new drinks, find unique twists on classics, learn the stories around your favorite high-ball, and even share pictures of the drink you are drinking. Now go find your friends and have a drink.

12 Society


Tim Lincecum, Michael Strahan, Kevin Love, Nas, and Nick Cannon want you to sign up for 12 Society ($39/month), and we agree with them.  This service sends you a monthly box of goodies, hand-picked by the gentlemen mentioned above (among other athletes/celebrities). Each box contains a retail value of at least $125, and if you don’t like the merch, no problem, returns are easy as pie. Seriously, sign up now.