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Good music to fill your ears.

Libratone Live Speaker

Libratone Live Speaker
Contemporary Masculine

With all the recent advancements in wireless technology, a hi-fi home audio system has become a necessity.  The Libratone Live Speaker ($699.95) sets the bar for single-speaker audio solutions. The Scandinavian design makes it look more like furniture than audio equipment, and the sound quality is top-notch.  The speaker comes equipped with Libratone’s FullRoom acoustic technology, AirPlay wireless audio streaming, and digital amplification to pump up the tunes when the party gets going.

Guitar Pick Punch

Guitar Pick
Contemporary Masculine

When you are a guitar player, you need to have a pick on hand at all times, no excuses.  We also understand that you sometimes run out of picks and need to improvise, which is why you need to keep this Guitar Pick Punch ($25) handy.  Old credit cards, gift cards, membership cards, fake ID’s, and just about any other hard plastic material instantly becomes your new guitar pick, leaving you to serenade the ladies all night long.

Furni Alba Felt

Contemporary Masculine

When your snooze button is a little too easy to find in the morning, consider upgrading your alarm clock setup.  The Furni Alba Felt ($148) is a great choice if you want to infuse your bedroom with some contemporary style.  The LED displays the time and the built-in speaker with amplifier will crank out your tunes (or alarm) while docking and charging your iPhone at the same time.


Marshall Major White Headphones

Marshall Headphones
Contemporary Masculine

All-white everything isn’t necessarily a bad thing, especially in the case of these Marshall Major White Headphones ($119). The speaker people hit the nail on the head with these collapsible headphones.  Includes a 6.3mm adapter for your amp and a built-in mic so you can answer your phone calls without missing too much jam time.

Corter Leather Guitar Picks

Coreter Leather Guitar Picks in Natural
Contemporary Masculine

We are pretty sure if Jesus played guitar, he would have used a Corter Leather Guitar Pick ($10 set of 5).  Made from vegetable tanned leather, the picks are 5oz thick and are just as sturdy as your chinky plastic picks.  The leather gives your strum a much warmer tone when compare to conventional picks, which will only help your christmas jams make the ladies swoon.


Limited Edition charity: water Jambox

Limited Edition charity: water Jawbone Jambox
Contemporary Masculine

We like when good companies with good brands and good products team up with good charities for good causes.  It results in good things like the Limited Edition charity: water Jambox ($199.99) from Jawbone.  It is identical in quality and sound to its brother the Jawbone Jambox, but for every limited edition Jambox sold, $50 will go to support charity: water and the great things they do.

Logitech Mini Boombox

Logitech Mini Bluetooth Speakers
Contemporary Masculine

When you want portable jams, you need some good portable speakers.  The Logitech Mini Boombox ($99.99) is a modern-day Ghetto Blaster with up to 10 hours of play time, touchscreen controls, Bluetooth connectivity, internal speakerphone, and enhanced bass.  Pump up the volume at your next house party with your iPhone securely in your pocket.