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Nomiku Sous Vide

Nomiku Sous Vide Machine

The latest craze to hit the culinary world is a precision temperature method called Sous Vide, and the Nomiku ($359) is bringing it from fancy French restaurants to your home kitchen. Turn the toughest of meats into delicacies by using the Nomiku to cook your meat throughout using a precisely controlled water bath for up to 72 hours(!). It is about as close to cooking magic as we have seen thus far.

Lowdi Speaker

Lowdi Bluetooth Speaker

With all of the amazing bluetooth enabled gadgets coming out, we wonder why we even use wires anymore.  The Lowdi Speaker (~$130) is the latest affordable bluetooth speaker to hit the market. With two built-in 3 watt speakers, this sound box can hit up to 80 decibals and its rechargeable battery last up to 8 hours. Awesome carrying pouch included (shown above).

Paper App for iPad

Paper App

As much as we love real notebooks here at CMHQ, we are pretty excited about the Paper iPad App (FREE!) by FiftyThree. Clean, minimalist design and a very easy user-interface combine to make Paper the app that might take over our traditional pen-and-paper habit. Whether you regularly need to sketch, outline, or just take some notes, this app will be one of the best downloads you make this year. Used best with a stylus, we suggest the Wacom Bamboo Stylus ($30).

Wi-Fi & USB Combination Cufflinks

Wi-Fi & USB Combination Cufflinks

Should you find yourself at a formal event needing  to send urgent documents using a secure internet connection (and for some reason you didn’t have your iPhone), these Wi-Fi and USB Combination Cufflinks ($250) from Ravi Ratan are definitely worthy of your consideration.  One cufflink contains a 2GB USB drive to transport your vital documents, and the other sports a Wi-Fi hotspot.  And they are mighty handsome cufflinks despite their technological prowess.

Stun Gun iPhone Case

Yellow Jacket iPhone Case

Our friends at Yellow Jacket have come up with what is likely the most radical iPhone case we have ever seen: the Stun Gun iPhone Case ($100). This iPhone case contains a 650K volt charge to ward off any attacker you might come in contact with.  The case fits both iPhone 4 and 4s models, and it adds an additional 20 hours of standby battery life to your phone. Help our friends out, click here to help them reach their $100,000 goal on IndieGoGo.


Charge Card for iPhone

The latest genius product to emerge from Kickstarter: ChargeCard ($20+) an iPhone or Android charger cord that fits in your wallet.  On one end, the ChargeCard has either an iPhone or Android fixture, fold out the middle to reveal a usb fixture on the other end that fits into your computer, your car dock, or any other standard USB input. The card body is made of ABS plastic, the USB arm is flexible thermoplastic elastomer, and at 0.1″ thick, it will fit comfortably in just about any wallet you choose to carry.


Sugru Air Curing Rubber

If MacGyver had been around in 2012, we are pretty sure he would have carried Sugru ($16-$18) around with him at all times.  This air-curing rubber is a fix-all for gadget-lovers, car enthusiasts, photographers, designers, and home improvers alike. With this magical rubber you can repair your fringed Macbook cord, mend your broken windshield wiper, or make a grip for your DSLR.  Hacking hardware has never been so easy.