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Cool gear for men. Make sure you are prepared with this essential gear.

Texas Grill Brush

Texas Grill BrushWhen your grill surface is big enough to roast an entire cow, you will need the Texas Grill Brush ($50) to get that grill gunk out of those back corners.  With a 4-foot handle, black steel and course bristles, this is about as heavy-duty as grill brushes get.  They will even iron-brand your name on the handle, just so everyone on the block knows who has the big stick in the neighborhood.

Growler on Board

Growler On BoardSome would argue that a growler full of delicious suds is just as precious as a newborn.  If this sounds like your position on home-brew, then you need the Growler on Board ($30) Beer Transfer Unit (BTU). Forget about laying your growlers on the back seat (or even worse, your trunk!), this BTU holds standard 1/2 gallon growlers, as well as 2L swing top style growlers with handles. Made from low density foam, your growlers will enjoy the smoothest clink-free ride they have ever experienced.

Ignoble Lorna Case Backpack

Ignoble Lorna Case BackpackIn the market for a backpack or a briefcase? Look no further than the Ignoble Lorna Case Backpack ($290).  Ballistic nylon exterior, ripstop interior, YKK buttons, and a strap system that allows the bag to quickly be converted from a backpack to a briefcase (and vice versa).  Of the many travel bags that  that we have featured, this is certainly one of the most unique.

Cinch Wallet

Cinch Minimalist WalletSlim wallet’s are much more functional if you are a front-pocket wallet guy, and the Cinch Minimalist Wallet ($25+) is an excellent candidate for your next wallet purchase. Yet another Kickstarter project that we have come to love, the Cinch Wallet from Portsmith Co. comes with either a wooden or stainless steel backbone, with the stainless steel variety including a bottle opener. Time to cut down on your pocket bulge, it’s becoming offensive.

Hella Slingshots

Hella Handmade SlingshotsThere are few things more nostalgic than a hand-made sling-shot, and Hella Slingshots ($20+) brings back some great memories.  These colorful slingshots are individually made in California from Mora tree branches.  Each is airbrushed with acrylic paint, and the leather projectile  pouch is connected with latex tubing and sinew.  They even sell wildflower seed bombs so you can beautify those ugly, hard-to-reach grassy patches. Just don’t shoot your eye out.

TGT (Tight) Wallets

Tight Wallet

Some days you feel like your wallet is too fat to fit in your pocket, which is exactly why Brooklyn designer Jack Sutter created Tight Wallets ($16+).  Made from soft Italian leather and high-quality elastic, these wallets fit into tight pockets, make pants fit better, and force you to get rid of excess wallet baggage (like that Starbucks gift card with $0.79 on it).