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Nomiku Sous Vide

Nomiku Sous Vide Machine

The latest craze to hit the culinary world is a precision temperature method called Sous Vide, and the Nomiku ($359) is bringing it from fancy French restaurants to your home kitchen. Turn the toughest of meats into delicacies by using the Nomiku to cook your meat throughout using a precisely controlled water bath for up to 72 hours(!). It is about as close to cooking magic as we have seen thus far.

Tequila Buffet

Tequile Buffet

If drinking tequila is more of an artform than a pastime for you, then you need the Tequila Buffet ($100).  Hand crafted in Asheville, NC from beams of wormy chestnut salvaged from dismantled barns and homes of the southern Appalachians, the Tequila buffet is less an exception, and more exceptional. The inch thick board holds four shot glasses, a cutting board for the limes, a 350ml bottle of tequila, salt bowls (included), notches for your limes, and it comes with your own paring knife. Bottoms up!

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks

Brooklyn Butcher Blocks


It’s hard to believe that a block of wood can be elegant, until you see what Nils Wessell is doing at Brooklyn Butcher Blocks ($80-$300). Each of these beautiful wooden cutting boards are handmade by Nils, a woodworker taking the simple approach to outfitting your kitchen.  Using the finest cherry, walnut, and maple woods (among others), Nils is crafting anything from cheese serving boards to brickwork chopping boards. Even better, he also sells the waxes and oils you need to keep your board looking clean.

Giveaway: Klean Kanteen Pint Cups

Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Pint

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Two lucky subscribers will each get a set of four Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Pint Cups ($30).  These 16 oz. pint cups are made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel that’s totally free of BPA and other toxins. If you are like us, you will be doing some drinking throughout the holidays, and we figured you might need some extra cups for the eggnog, or whatever your holiday flavor.

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Mozayo Interactive MuliTouch Table

Interactive MuliTouch Table

Sometimes it feels like every day we are getting closer to living in the Minority Report, like when we found out about the Mozayo Interactive MultiTouch Table ($9,600). With a 42″ liquid crystal display, Pulse IR™ Touch technology, and Windows 7 installed, this table computer is a fully functioning touch screen computer inside your coffee table, and it’s water resistant, so don’t worry if you spill your drink.

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

Charcoal Champion Garlic Roaster

Grilling season is upon us, which means it’s time to improve your grilling technique.  Get rid of the foil this season and pick up this Cast Iron Garlic Roaster ($20) by Charcoal Champion.  Just put the garlic in with some butter, salt, pepper, and perhaps some Worcestershire, and you will have deliciously soft garlic in no time.  Just try not to eat the whole clove, lest you become “Stinky Pete” at work the next day. Comes with a garlic squeezer.

Grillworks Infierno 103


If you are in search of the most comprehensive, full-service grill on the market, you can stop looking.  It is the called the Grillworks Infierno 103 ($TBA) and it puts just about any other grill to shame.  This custom-built grilling station is designed to include the chef, and his fire, in the dining experience.  With a central fire station that quickly creates charcoal from whole pieces of wood, each grilling station has upper fixed shelves for resting and a sub-shelf system for smoking and gentle cooking.  The grill also includes a lift system and built-in storage, and entire structure is lined with floating fire brick that will accommodate just about anything you want to cook on it.  Available freestanding or built-in.