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Men’s style picks.

The Boat Short by Chubbies

The Boat Short by Chubbies

It’s almost time to bring out your schooner for a sunset booze-cruise, and what better way to sail about than in a pair of The Boat Short ($59.50).  These shorts are half bathing-suit, half dinner short, and 100% appropriate for making the transition from racing to chasing the ladies at the yacht club.  Sailor hat sold separately.

Nice Laundry Socks

Nice LaundryIf you are like us, your dryer has an appetite for gobbling up one of your socks on a weekly basis.  With so many un-matched socks, it’s tough to look fresh.  Enter one of the newest Kickstarter projects: Nice Laundry ($34+).  These colorful designer socks come in packs of six, and are easy on the wallet at around $6 per pair. And forget scrutinizing over which colors look best in your sock drawer, Nice Laundry has prepared six different combination packs to suit every type of man (we personally like the “Chief” pack shown above).

2011 Nike Air Mag

2011 Nike Air MagKnown as the “Marty McFly” shoe, the 2011 Nike Air Mag ($TBA) is exactly what every BTTF fan needs.  We know its been a couple of years since their release, but these limited run sneakers were definitely worth a mention.  Designed as an exact replica of the shoes seen in the second edition of Back to the Future, these kicks are the first rechargeable shoe that Nike has released.  Now if only they could figure out the auto-lacing feature…


Duke & Winston 13 Virtues Collection

13 Virtues CollectionBen Franklin’s 13 Virtues are some of the greatest pillars of advice in history, this fact is not lost on the gentlemen at Duke & Winston.  Their 13 Virtues Collection ($32) features each of the virtues on a super-soft t-shirt, so you can rep your favorite virtue all day long.  We are going to guess that the guy who picks “Humility” is going for the ironic t-shirt angle.

TGT (Tight) Wallets

Tight Wallet

Some days you feel like your wallet is too fat to fit in your pocket, which is exactly why Brooklyn designer Jack Sutter created Tight Wallets ($16+).  Made from soft Italian leather and high-quality elastic, these wallets fit into tight pockets, make pants fit better, and force you to get rid of excess wallet baggage (like that Starbucks gift card with $0.79 on it).

Goruck Man Tie – Narrow

Goruck Man Tie Narrow

When you need your tie to be as ruggedly stylish as you are, look no further than the Goruck Man Tie – Narrow ($65). The first military-grade tie in history, this tie “laughs at water, abrasion, and danger”.  So whether you are escaping deadly assassins in a suit, or you are trying to avoid a nasty ketchup stain during lunch, the Goruck Man Tie doesn’t care.  Comes with a lifetime guarantee, also comes in Classic width.

Nike Vintage Lunar

Nike Vintage Lunar

Nike has finally matched the old with the new in these Nike Vintage Lunar edition shoes ($100).  The Nike Vintage Lunar NRG (top) has an 80’s style upper with the advanced Lunar cushioning in the sole, and the Nike Air Vortex Vintage Lunar (bottom) gives an update to one of Nike’s first running models. So turn up your Huey Lewis and the News on your iPod and take a jog in these throwback sneakers.

Wi-Fi & USB Combination Cufflinks

Wi-Fi & USB Combination Cufflinks

Should you find yourself at a formal event needing  to send urgent documents using a secure internet connection (and for some reason you didn’t have your iPhone), these Wi-Fi and USB Combination Cufflinks ($250) from Ravi Ratan are definitely worthy of your consideration.  One cufflink contains a 2GB USB drive to transport your vital documents, and the other sports a Wi-Fi hotspot.  And they are mighty handsome cufflinks despite their technological prowess.