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TGT (Tight) Wallets

Tight Wallet

Some days you feel like your wallet is too fat to fit in your pocket, which is exactly why Brooklyn designer Jack Sutter created Tight Wallets ($16+).  Made from soft Italian leather and high-quality elastic, these wallets fit into tight pockets, make pants fit better, and force you to get rid of excess wallet baggage (like that Starbucks gift card with $0.79 on it).

Wi-Fi & USB Combination Cufflinks

Wi-Fi & USB Combination Cufflinks

Should you find yourself at a formal event needing  to send urgent documents using a secure internet connection (and for some reason you didn’t have your iPhone), these Wi-Fi and USB Combination Cufflinks ($250) from Ravi Ratan are definitely worthy of your consideration.  One cufflink contains a 2GB USB drive to transport your vital documents, and the other sports a Wi-Fi hotspot.  And they are mighty handsome cufflinks despite their technological prowess.

Transit Issue Key Chain

Apolis Key Chain

Once you start using a key fob, it is tough to go without, and the skillful craftsmen at Apolis know this rule all too well. The Transit Issue Key Chain ($38) is a leather key fob held together by four hand-stitched bar tacs.  Each key fob is hand crafted with MIL-SPEC hardware, giving you the long-lasting quality you look for in a key chain. Comes in three colors (above).