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Clothes for men that will make you look better, and get more ladies.

The Boat Short by Chubbies

The Boat Short by Chubbies

It’s almost time to bring out your schooner for a sunset booze-cruise, and what better way to sail about than in a pair of The Boat Short ($59.50).  These shorts are half bathing-suit, half dinner short, and 100% appropriate for making the transition from racing to chasing the ladies at the yacht club.  Sailor hat sold separately.

Nice Laundry Socks

Nice LaundryIf you are like us, your dryer has an appetite for gobbling up one of your socks on a weekly basis.  With so many un-matched socks, it’s tough to look fresh.  Enter one of the newest Kickstarter projects: Nice Laundry ($34+).  These colorful designer socks come in packs of six, and are easy on the wallet at around $6 per pair. And forget scrutinizing over which colors look best in your sock drawer, Nice Laundry has prepared six different combination packs to suit every type of man (we personally like the “Chief” pack shown above).

Duke & Winston 13 Virtues Collection

13 Virtues CollectionBen Franklin’s 13 Virtues are some of the greatest pillars of advice in history, this fact is not lost on the gentlemen at Duke & Winston.  Their 13 Virtues Collection ($32) features each of the virtues on a super-soft t-shirt, so you can rep your favorite virtue all day long.  We are going to guess that the guy who picks “Humility” is going for the ironic t-shirt angle.

Goruck Man Tie – Narrow

Goruck Man Tie Narrow

When you need your tie to be as ruggedly stylish as you are, look no further than the Goruck Man Tie – Narrow ($65). The first military-grade tie in history, this tie “laughs at water, abrasion, and danger”.  So whether you are escaping deadly assassins in a suit, or you are trying to avoid a nasty ketchup stain during lunch, the Goruck Man Tie doesn’t care.  Comes with a lifetime guarantee, also comes in Classic width.

Famous Red Board Shorts

Lightning Bolt Board Shorts

Since the 1970s, Lightning Bolt has been a staple in the surfwear and surf supply scene.  In a partnership with Best Made Co., Lightning Bolt has introduced their Famous Red Board Shorts ($70).  Made from 100% cotton twill, these classic board shorts have corrosion resistant grommets, triple stitched seams, and bear both the Best Made Co. and Lightning Bolt logos on the left thigh.  They might not make you surf better, but they will last through all of your toughest spills.

Stalward Ltd. Neckties

Stalward Neckties

For most men, neckties are an afterthought. You don’t think about them until its time to wear them, which is fine until you are left with the mustard yellow one your Aunt Edna gave you three Christmases ago.  Be a little more proactive with your neckwear and get some ties from Stalward Ltd. Neckties ($64).  These reasonably prices neckties are constructed in a family owned factory on the West side of Chicago.  They are a bit slimmer than your dad’s ties, but it is time to start dressing your age.

Seasonal Picks: Top 5 Board Shorts

Top 5 Board Shorts

Beach season is right around the corner and you have been working hard to get your body in shape for the ladies (right?).  We want to make sure you look good on the beach too.  Here are five of our favorite board shorts that will last you all Summer long.

(From top left) Aether Piping Swim Trunk ($130), Saturdays Grant Boardshort ($75), Penguin Solid Volley Swim Short ($65), Sundek Long Swim Shorts ($120), Orlebar Brown Speed Dry Bulldog II Shorts ($265).

Executive Pinstripe Hoodie

Betabrand Pinstripe Hoodie

The geniuses at Betabrand have done it again.  The same people that brought you Dress Pant Sweatpants have introduced their newest innovation: the Executive Pinstripe Hoodie ($148).  This super-fine worsted Merino wool hoodie has a Paisley tie-cloth liner and should be worn to all of your business meetings from this point forward. Business on the bottom, party on the top.