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Hella Slingshots

Hella Handmade SlingshotsThere are few things more nostalgic than a hand-made sling-shot, and Hella Slingshots ($20+) brings back some great memories.  These colorful slingshots are individually made in California from Mora tree branches.  Each is airbrushed with acrylic paint, and the leather projectile  pouch is connected with latex tubing and sinew.  They even sell wildflower seed bombs so you can beautify those ugly, hard-to-reach grassy patches. Just don’t shoot your eye out.

MaKey MaKey

Makey Makey: An Invention Kit for Everyone

At first, we weren’t quite sure what it was or how it worked, then we watched the video and it all makes sense now.  MaKey MaKey ($40) is an “invention kit for everyone” that let’s you hack hardware to create fun and crazy inventions.  Created by two MIT graduates, the MaKey Makey uses alligator clips to simulate keystrokes, which turns just about any object in to a user interface.  Now you can make banana pianos, DDR water buckets, arm guitars, Play-Doh controllers, and anything else you might be able to come up with. Brilliant

12 Society


Tim Lincecum, Michael Strahan, Kevin Love, Nas, and Nick Cannon want you to sign up for 12 Society ($39/month), and we agree with them.  This service sends you a monthly box of goodies, hand-picked by the gentlemen mentioned above (among other athletes/celebrities). Each box contains a retail value of at least $125, and if you don’t like the merch, no problem, returns are easy as pie. Seriously, sign up now.

Montie Gear Slingshot

Montie Gear Y-Fork Slingshot
Contemporary Masculine

Being a “grown-up” doesn’t mean that you are forbidden from buying cool toys, it means that you have the money to buy really awesome toys like the Montie Gear Slingshot ($99.95).  This slingshot is a bit of an upgrade from that tree branch you used as a kid.  It’s made from either powder coated or anodized aluminum (depending on the color) with a tapered flat band and leather pouch assembly.  The handle is wrapped with 550 test weight paracord for comfort (or for survival, should you find yourself stranded).  It might not be a toy that you want to carry everyday, but it is definitely something you want in your survival pack. (via)


Gyroboard Ultimate Sports Board
Contemporary Masculine

Whether you are looking to improve your core strength and balance, you are looking to rehab after torn ACL surgery, or you just want another toy around the house, the Gyroboard ($300) is an excellent choice.  This all-in-one sports board is great exercise tool to help you refine your coordination skills and shape up your body while having some fun (see picture).

AJ’s Toy Boarders

AJ's Toy Boarders Skateboard Army Men
Contemporary Masculine

Some kids want to grow up to be Army men, some kids want to grow up to be skater dudes.  AJ’s Toy Boarders ($5) are for the latter.  Just like the toy soldiers you played with when you were a pup, these toy boarders are striking an action pose and begging you to put your imagination to work.  Now your living room can become a skatepark, rather than a battlefield.

“The Tumbler” Sixth Scale Batmobile

Batman: The Dark Knight 1/6 Scale "The Tumbler" Batmobile
Contemporary Masculine

Sometimes its ok to be a little geeky, especially when it comes to toys.  And if you are as excited about The Dark Knight Rises as we are, you might want to acquire a bit of Batman memorabilia for yourself.  “The Tumbler” Sixth Scale Batmobile ($439.99) is a 1/6 scale toy replica of “The Tumbler” Batmobile from The Dark Knight.  Commissioned by Bruce Wayne himself in the super-secret “Applied Science Division” of Wayne Enterprises, this toy replica is approximately 29 inches long, with a detailed cockpit, movable braking flaps, and headlights that light up.  It’s up to you to figure out how to get the motorcycle out of it (although we don’t recommend it).