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Travel essentials for men.

Tortuga Travel Backpack

Cool Travel BackpackFrom the creators that brought you the Ignoble Lorna Case Backpack, here is the Tortuga Travel Backpack ($199).  A cross between a traditional suitcase and one of those gigantic travel/hiking backpack, the Tortuga is a practical piece of gear for any serious traveler. Rugged enough for frequent city travel, and composite enough to fit in an overhead compartment. If you are looking for a cool travel backpack, look no further than the Tortuga.

Growler on Board

Growler On BoardSome would argue that a growler full of delicious suds is just as precious as a newborn.  If this sounds like your position on home-brew, then you need the Growler on Board ($30) Beer Transfer Unit (BTU). Forget about laying your growlers on the back seat (or even worse, your trunk!), this BTU holds standard 1/2 gallon growlers, as well as 2L swing top style growlers with handles. Made from low density foam, your growlers will enjoy the smoothest clink-free ride they have ever experienced.

Ignoble Lorna Case Backpack

Ignoble Lorna Case BackpackIn the market for a backpack or a briefcase? Look no further than the Ignoble Lorna Case Backpack ($290).  Ballistic nylon exterior, ripstop interior, YKK buttons, and a strap system that allows the bag to quickly be converted from a backpack to a briefcase (and vice versa).  Of the many travel bags that  that we have featured, this is certainly one of the most unique.

Field Trip Beef Jerky

Field Trip Beef Jerky

Beef jerky should always be at arms length when you are on the move, which is why we like Field Trip Beef Jerky ($18 for three pack).  With three flavors: Original, Honey Spice, and Teryaki, this jerky will keep you from getting hungry no matter your adventure. Field Trip Beef Jerky is the product of three guys looking for a protein and nutrient rich snack to munch on while they were trekking, or training, or both. All natural, all delicious.

Marmot Urban Hauler

Marmot Urban Hauler

Planning an inner-city hiking trip during the fierce Winter? Consider gearing-up with the Marmot Urban Hauler ($50).  This Japanese fishing bag style backpack is made from UpCycled® fabrics (the greenest of the green), and the internal organizer pocket lets you stash smaller goods for easy access. It’s practical gear for city-dwellers, and even more practical for jetsetters (think: overhead compartment).

Field Notes Expedition Edition

Field Notes Expedition Edition

For the adventures where you can’t take your iPhone or iPad with you, you need the Field Notes Expedition Edition ($10) to jot down those important notes. These expedition-proof memo books are 17th issue of the Field Notes COLORS subscription. Printed on Yupo synthetic paper, these notebooks have been tested for water resistance , visibility, wind resistance, ballistics, vacuum, tensile strength, compression, acid resistance, flame resistance, extreme temperature, electromagnetic waves, and electrical resistance.  Consider your notes safe.

The Weekender Bag

Everlane Weekender Bag

Need a good bag for the weekends? We recommend The Weekender Bag ($95) by Everlane (perhaps that’s where the name came from?).  It has a durable canvas body with an outside compartment, a structured base, waterproof nylon interior, and an inside zipper pocket.  The 12″ leather strap can go in hand or over the shoulder just as easily, so you won’t look like a goof when your bag gets a bit heavy.