Stu’s Sour Pickles

Stu's Sour PicklesWe’re not sure if it’s the delicious taste of the pickles, or the clean packaging that draw us to Stu’s Sour Pickles ($11), but we are fans regardless.  The product of Stu’s Heritage Foods, these pickled cucumbers provide a delectable blend of sweet, spicy, and sour.  Get them for snacks, or appetizers for your next bro-party, either way, you will enjoy. Oh yeah, Stu also makes a fine Bloody Mary mix.

Playboy’s Greatest Covers

Playboy's Greatest Covers Few things are more essentially manly than a Playboy Magazine, which is why we recommend Playboy’s Greatest Covers ($24) for your next coffee table book purchase.  Compiled by Playboy contributor Damon Brown, curated by Hugh Hefner, with a foreword by Pamela Anderson herself (!), this book will undoubtedly have you turning the pages and browsing through decades of beauty.

Duke & Winston 13 Virtues Collection

13 Virtues CollectionBen Franklin’s 13 Virtues are some of the greatest pillars of advice in history, this fact is not lost on the gentlemen at Duke & Winston.  Their 13 Virtues Collection ($32) features each of the virtues on a super-soft t-shirt, so you can rep your favorite virtue all day long.  We are going to guess that the guy who picks “Humility” is going for the ironic t-shirt angle.

Hella Slingshots

Hella Handmade SlingshotsThere are few things more nostalgic than a hand-made sling-shot, and Hella Slingshots ($20+) brings back some great memories.  These colorful slingshots are individually made in California from Mora tree branches.  Each is airbrushed with acrylic paint, and the leather projectile  pouch is connected with latex tubing and sinew.  They even sell wildflower seed bombs so you can beautify those ugly, hard-to-reach grassy patches. Just don’t shoot your eye out.

TGT (Tight) Wallets

Tight Wallet

Some days you feel like your wallet is too fat to fit in your pocket, which is exactly why Brooklyn designer Jack Sutter created Tight Wallets ($16+).  Made from soft Italian leather and high-quality elastic, these wallets fit into tight pockets, make pants fit better, and force you to get rid of excess wallet baggage (like that Starbucks gift card with $0.79 on it).