Nomiku Sous Vide

Nomiku Sous Vide Machine

The latest craze to hit the culinary world is a precision temperature method called Sous Vide, and the Nomiku ($359) is bringing it from fancy French restaurants to your home kitchen. Turn the toughest of meats into delicacies by using the Nomiku to cook your meat throughout using a precisely controlled water bath for up to 72 hours(!). It is about as close to cooking magic as we have seen thus far.

Jamboo Headphones

Jamboo Headphones copy

Another day, another successfully funded Kickstarter campaign: Jamboo Headphones ($30) are an easy upgrade from the standard white earbuds that came with your iPhone. These bamboo wood headphones have colorful hand-woven threads wrapping the cord, making you stand out and giving you the comfort of knowing that you won’t have to spend 20 minutes untangling next time you want to hear some jams.

Goruck Man Tie – Narrow

Goruck Man Tie Narrow

When you need your tie to be as ruggedly stylish as you are, look no further than the Goruck Man Tie – Narrow ($65). The first military-grade tie in history, this tie “laughs at water, abrasion, and danger”.  So whether you are escaping deadly assassins in a suit, or you are trying to avoid a nasty ketchup stain during lunch, the Goruck Man Tie doesn’t care.  Comes with a lifetime guarantee, also comes in Classic width.

Field Trip Beef Jerky

Field Trip Beef Jerky

Beef jerky should always be at arms length when you are on the move, which is why we like Field Trip Beef Jerky ($18 for three pack).  With three flavors: Original, Honey Spice, and Teryaki, this jerky will keep you from getting hungry no matter your adventure. Field Trip Beef Jerky is the product of three guys looking for a protein and nutrient rich snack to munch on while they were trekking, or training, or both. All natural, all delicious.

Marmot Urban Hauler

Marmot Urban Hauler

Planning an inner-city hiking trip during the fierce Winter? Consider gearing-up with the Marmot Urban Hauler ($50).  This Japanese fishing bag style backpack is made from UpCycled® fabrics (the greenest of the green), and the internal organizer pocket lets you stash smaller goods for easy access. It’s practical gear for city-dwellers, and even more practical for jetsetters (think: overhead compartment).