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Taylor Stitch Antique Brass Collar Bones

Collar Stiffs
Keep you collar straight

If you are like us, you go through collar stiffeners like toilet paper; and for some reason, even when you are using those flimsy plastic picks, your collar doesn’t want to stay straight.  Take pride in your collar’s stiffness and ensure that you will never lose or break your stiffeners again with Taylor Stitch Antique Brass Collar Bones ($20 for set of 6).  These super-practical neck-cessories keep your collar looking sharp, and each stiffener is stamped with the saying “STICKS + STONES.” Also comes in gun metal and powder copper.



Patagonia Men’s Slingshot Down Vest

Slingshot Down Vest
Keep your core warm and your arms free.

Finally a cool front after months of stifling heat. Keep your core warm in the cool Autumn weather with the Patagonia Men’s Slingshot Down Vest ($129).  100% polyester ripstop shell fabric filled with goose down will make sure you are comfortable and free to move about as you do manly things, like split wood for the fire.

Bonobos Pants

Bonobos Pants
The best-fitting pants money can buy

Bonobos is the ideal menswear company that started with a simple but innovative mission to provide comfortable pants that fit well.  Matching classic style with contemporary fit, the Huckleberry Pants ($98) from Bonobos are a perfect example of their quality products.  Take a quick tour of the Bonobos website and feast your eyes on how their collection of products has grown to outfit your entire wardrobe.

Warby Parker Glasses

Warby Parker glasses

It takes a bold gentleman to sport thick-framed glasses (think Superman).  Warby Parker ($95) makes it easy for you by letting you try on five pairs for free (shipping included!).  Here’s the best part: for every set of frames you purchase, Warby Parker will donate a pair to one of the 1,000,000,000 people who do not have access to eyewear (they have already given over 50,000 pairs!).  Bring back classic style with a great selection of modern frames.