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Tequila Buffet

Tequile Buffet

If drinking tequila is more of an artform than a pastime for you, then you need the Tequila Buffet ($100).  Hand crafted in Asheville, NC from beams of wormy chestnut salvaged from dismantled barns and homes of the southern Appalachians, the Tequila buffet is less an exception, and more exceptional. The inch thick board holds four shot glasses, a cutting board for the limes, a 350ml bottle of tequila, salt bowls (included), notches for your limes, and it comes with your own paring knife. Bottoms up!


Bar Notes App

There is one truth we all know about alcohol: it’s better when enjoyed with friends, which is why you need the BarNotes App (FREE). BarNotes is the first social platform dedicated to the art of the cocktail.  You can discover new drinks, find unique twists on classics, learn the stories around your favorite high-ball, and even share pictures of the drink you are drinking. Now go find your friends and have a drink.

Japanese Ice Pick

Cool Ice Pick
Contemporary Masculine

After reading this post about ice from our friends at The Mixing Glass, we learned that real bartenders take their ice very seriously.  For example, the Japanese have developed a technique for carving ice balls using an ice pick that vastly improves the taste of your whiskey.  If you are willing to learn this craft yourself, you need this Japanese Ice Pick ($59.95).  Designed to resemble a mountaineer’s pick, this ice pick is made from stainless steel with a wooden handle, keeping your pick rust free and ready to do work on your ice block.

Stainless Steel Olive Stuffer

Olive Stuffer
Contemporary Masculine

If you are a man who takes his cocktails seriously, then your home bar needs this Stainless Steel Olive Stuffer ($19.95).  Whether you are blue cheese martini die-hard, or you are just tired of the same old pimento, this olive stuffer will make sure your olives are stuffed to the fullest with your stuffing of choice (bacon?).

Hermetus Bottle Opener & Resealer

Hermetus Bottle Opener
Contemporary Masculine

For those times when you crack open a cold one only to be summoned away to fix the leaking toilet, your drink shouldn’t have to suffer.  Put a proverbial cap on it with the Hermetus Bottle Opener and Resealer ($7.90).  Opens a bottle then glides over the top and makes a tight seal to keep beers from going flat or spilling.

“Stay Sharp” Horn Whiskey Tumbler Set

Horn Whiskey Tumblers
Contemporary Masculine

We love red-blooded masculine activities like drinking whiskey and hunting for sport.  Even if you don’t hunt for sport, act like you do while drinking whiskey from the “Stay Sharp” Horn Whiskey Tumbler Set ($62 set of 2) by Best Made.  These ethically sourced tumblers are produced for Best Made by a 170 year old horn works company in England and are engraved with Best Made’s signature “Stay Sharp” motto on the base.  Each tumbler is unique, and if taken care of they will last for generations of manliness.

Moore & Giles Meehan Utility Bag & Bar Rollup

Utility and Bar Roll Up Bag
Emergency Bar Tender Kit

Become the king of your tailgate by bringing all the necessary mixology utensils in the Moore & Giles Meehan Utility Bag with Bar Rollup ($740). This bag sports a “myriad of organizational compartments and elasticized pockets for the professional bartender or bar enthusiast.” Mixological skills not included.

Cirrus Ice Ball Press

Cirrus Ice Ball Press

Stop diluting your scotch with crushed ice from the fridge, make sure you can taste every sip of grandpa’s old cough medicine with the Cirrus Ice Ball Press ($799).  Intended for professional barkeeps and fine hooch enthusiasts alike.  Just stick a block of ice in, wait a minute, and retrieve your perfect 2.75″ sphere of an ice ball from this amazing contraption.  This ice ball melts slowly, maintaining the taste of your whiskey of choice.  No high balls allowed. (via)