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City Boy Picnic Grill

City Boy Picnic Grill

When “roughing it” doesn’t exactly carry the same meaning for you as it does for everyone else, your ability to create a fire purely from sticks is not very likely.  Lucky for you there is the City Boy Picnic Grill ($229).  This powder-coated stainless steel grill runs on a 225g standard gas cartridge, so your next camping trip will include less cold canned food and more warm meats, even if you didn’t kill it yourself.

Grillworks Infierno 103


If you are in search of the most comprehensive, full-service grill on the market, you can stop looking.  It is the called the Grillworks Infierno 103 ($TBA) and it puts just about any other grill to shame.  This custom-built grilling station is designed to include the chef, and his fire, in the dining experience.  With a central fire station that quickly creates charcoal from whole pieces of wood, each grilling station has upper fixed shelves for resting and a sub-shelf system for smoking and gentle cooking.  The grill also includes a lift system and built-in storage, and entire structure is lined with floating fire brick that will accommodate just about anything you want to cook on it.  Available freestanding or built-in.

The Fold Flat Grill

Fold Flat Grill by Hammacher Schlemmer
Contemporary Masculine

Whether you are at the beach, on a camping trip, or tailgating before a game, grilling away from your backyard can be a cumbersome task without a portable grill.  The Fold Flat Grill ($79.95) by Hammacher Schlemmer might be the most portable grill we have ever seen.  Made from durable 304 stainless steel, the grill provides a 17 1/2″ x 13″ W cooking area with a V-shaped charcoal well that collects easily emptied ash.  The best part: it’s les than 1″ thick when folded (!).