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Blackhawk Secretary Trunk

Blackhawk Secretary Trunk by Restoration Hardware
Contemporary Masculine

Speaking of Bruce Wayne, if you have a little Batman in you, you are going to need a secret lair of your own.  For those of you who are not billionaires like Mr. Wayne, perhaps you can settle for the Blackhawk Secretary Trunk($4295). Made from handmade polished aluminum wrapped around solid hardwood, this 41″W x 30″D x 77″H trunk has drawers lined with black cotton canvas, and a lock feature to keep intruders out.  Just make sure you reserve a drawer for the “Applied Sciences Division.”

“The Tumbler” Sixth Scale Batmobile

Batman: The Dark Knight 1/6 Scale "The Tumbler" Batmobile
Contemporary Masculine

Sometimes its ok to be a little geeky, especially when it comes to toys.  And if you are as excited about The Dark Knight Rises as we are, you might want to acquire a bit of Batman memorabilia for yourself.  “The Tumbler” Sixth Scale Batmobile ($439.99) is a 1/6 scale toy replica of “The Tumbler” Batmobile from The Dark Knight.  Commissioned by Bruce Wayne himself in the super-secret “Applied Science Division” of Wayne Enterprises, this toy replica is approximately 29 inches long, with a detailed cockpit, movable braking flaps, and headlights that light up.  It’s up to you to figure out how to get the motorcycle out of it (although we don’t recommend it).