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Field Trip Beef Jerky

Field Trip Beef Jerky

Beef jerky should always be at arms length when you are on the move, which is why we like Field Trip Beef Jerky ($18 for three pack).  With three flavors: Original, Honey Spice, and Teryaki, this jerky will keep you from getting hungry no matter your adventure. Field Trip Beef Jerky is the product of three guys looking for a protein and nutrient rich snack to munch on while they were trekking, or training, or both. All natural, all delicious.

Jerky Tracks

Gourmet Beef Jerky

Jerky lovers know that jerky doesn’t stop at dehydrated beef, which is why Jerky Tracks ($10-$14) is pushing the boundaries of the jerky world.  This gourmet jerky gives you a a choice of Turkey, Deer, or Bison (pictured), and it comes in two flavors: Original or Bourbon.  Your jerky should be as adventurous as you are.

Pappy Kershenstine’s Steak in a Bag

Pappy Kershenstine's Beef Jerky
Contemporary Masculine

Every man should have a stash of beef jerky, the manliest snack of all snacks.  When it’s time to re-stock, make sure you get the best: 12 pack of Pappy Kershenstine’s Steak in a Bag (1.2oz $51.88/ 3oz. $92.28).  Since 1981, Pappy has been making his dehydrated delicacy in the tiny town of Eupora, Mississippi. Salty, peppery, and very delicious, this particular brand has a cult following and it is very hard to find.  Order online and savor the flavor for the next few months (or weeks if you eat it like we do!).