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Famous Red Board Shorts

Lightning Bolt Board Shorts

Since the 1970s, Lightning Bolt has been a staple in the surfwear and surf supply scene.  In a partnership with Best Made Co., Lightning Bolt has introduced their Famous Red Board Shorts ($70).  Made from 100% cotton twill, these classic board shorts have corrosion resistant grommets, triple stitched seams, and bear both the Best Made Co. and Lightning Bolt logos on the left thigh.  They might not make you surf better, but they will last through all of your toughest spills.

Best Made American Felling Axe

Contemporary Masculine

It’s getting colder and your firewood isn’t going to chop itself.  You need a real man’s axe, like the American Felling Axe ($300) from Best Made.  The Dayton pattern head is made from high carbon American steel and is drop forged in North Carolina by fourth-generation axe makers. The Best Made helve is lathed from Appalachian hickory and its elegant curvature and slender form factor ensure superior efficiency and safety. It will arrive in a hand-built crate with wood wool.

“Stay Sharp” Horn Whiskey Tumbler Set

Horn Whiskey Tumblers
Contemporary Masculine

We love red-blooded masculine activities like drinking whiskey and hunting for sport.  Even if you don’t hunt for sport, act like you do while drinking whiskey from the “Stay Sharp” Horn Whiskey Tumbler Set ($62 set of 2) by Best Made.  These ethically sourced tumblers are produced for Best Made by a 170 year old horn works company in England and are engraved with Best Made’s signature “Stay Sharp” motto on the base.  Each tumbler is unique, and if taken care of they will last for generations of manliness.