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Texas Grill Brush

Texas Grill BrushWhen your grill surface is big enough to roast an entire cow, you will need the Texas Grill Brush ($50) to get that grill gunk out of those back corners.  With a 4-foot handle, black steel and course bristles, this is about as heavy-duty as grill brushes get.  They will even iron-brand your name on the handle, just so everyone on the block knows who has the big stick in the neighborhood.

Groom: Shape up your beard

Petaluma Supply Co. Baxter Grooming Products
Contemporary Masculine

The weather is getting warmer and your beard is getting itchier.  It’s time to clean it up with this Baxter of California grooming gear from our friends at Petaluma Supply Co.

Vitamin EDA Cleansing Bars ($18), Baxter Super Close Shave Formula ($18), Baxter Badger Hair Shave Brush ($90), Baxter Safety Razor ($60), Baxter After Shave Balm ($18), Baxter Beard Comb ($14).

Petaluma Supply Co.