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CRKT Delegate Pocket Knife

CRKT Delegate Pocket Knife
Contemporary Masculine

Sometimes classics need an upgrade, and upgrades are not always a bad thing.  The CRKT Delegate ($59.99) adds a contemporary twist to the classic gentleman’s folding knife.  This knife features revolutionary technologies in the way of knife-making, including CRKT’s own FireSafe and Outburst safety features.  With a 3.125″ blade and an aluminum, this pocket knife will suit any gentleman well.

Graham Stubby Folding Razel

Graham Knife

A cross between an folding exacto-knife and a standard fixed-blade craftsman knife, on steroids.  The Graham Stubb Folding Razel ($49.99), re-designed by John Graham of Graham Knives, is a more practical version of the CRKT fixed-blade.  This razor-sharp pocket knife is only 3.25″ closed and 5.25″ open, with a ram horn handle for secure gripping.  For big jobs or small jobs, once you start using it, you will become attached in no time.