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Sugru Air Curing Rubber

If MacGyver had been around in 2012, we are pretty sure he would have carried Sugru ($16-$18) around with him at all times.  This air-curing rubber is a fix-all for gadget-lovers, car enthusiasts, photographers, designers, and home improvers alike. With this magical rubber you can repair your fringed Macbook cord, mend your broken windshield wiper, or make a grip for your DSLR.  Hacking hardware has never been so easy.

Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry: 15ft Dinghy Kit

Chesapeake Light Craft Skerry 15-fott
Contemporary Masculine

What is more manly than owning a sailboat? Building your own sailboat.  The super-masculine folks at Chesapeake Light Craft are helping all contemporary gentleman fulfill their nautical ambitions with kits for building your own booze cruiser.  Start small with the Skerry model ($1299 for the Rowing Kit and $975 for the Sailing Component Kit), a 15-foot dinghy that can fit up to three adults.  The best part: you order the boat, they send you all the materials you need (tools not included).  The Rowing kit includes plans and instructions, pre-cut parts, seats, bulkheads, daggerboard trunk, epoxy kit, fiberglass for hull, and one pair of bronze oarlocks and sockets. The Sailing Kit includes sails, wooden mast and spars, mast step, tiller, daggerboard, rudder, and rudder hardware.