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RuffBowlWhen you haven’t yet taught your dog to drink from a water bottle, giving him water while taking a walk is a bit of a chore unless you have a RuffBowl ($8).   This portable plastic dog bowl snaps onto your regular FexiLeash and it is easily the most convenient way to keep your pup hydrated as you traverse the treacherous sidewalks of subrbia.

Filson Tin Cloth Dog Bowl

Tin Cloth Dog Powl
Contemporary Masculine

When you are on the go, make sure your canine companion is hydrated and fed with the Filson Tin Cloth Dog Bowl ($30).  This flexible, foldable travel dog bowl is made from 12.5-oz. 100% cotton oil finish Tin Cloth with nylon lining interior. Put it in your bag, stuff it in your pocket, or clip it onto your backpack.  However you choose to carry it, this convenient travel accessory will save you space and leave you confident that your little buddy is taken care of.