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Cinch Wallet

Cinch Minimalist WalletSlim wallet’s are much more functional if you are a front-pocket wallet guy, and the Cinch Minimalist Wallet ($25+) is an excellent candidate for your next wallet purchase. Yet another Kickstarter project that we have come to love, the Cinch Wallet from Portsmith Co. comes with either a wooden or stainless steel backbone, with the stainless steel variety including a bottle opener. Time to cut down on your pocket bulge, it’s becoming offensive.

Reedwrite Notebook

Reed Space Notebook

One of our favorite design shops, Reed Space, has come out with a line of notebooks, and we couldn’t be any happier. The Reedwrite Notebook ($25) is part of Reed Space’s new stationary collection, and should soon become part of your daily carry.  This 6″ x 8″ suede cover blank sheet notebook has a blind embossed Reedwrite logo on the cover and 80 pages to fill with your ideas and sketches.

RetroModern Aged Leather Pocket

RetroModern Aged Leather Pocket

If you are a fan of the all-in-one pocket wallet, then look no further than the RetroModern Aged Leather Pocket ($99).  Handmade and aged in Estonia, this pocket wallet fits your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch, your credit cards, and your cash conveniently in one location.  The aged brown leather will look like the wallet was handed down from your great-grandfather, but only you and I will know that you bought it through Etsy.

The Clip

The Clip by Little Bonsai
Contemporary Masculine

The product of yet another successful Kickstarter project, The Clip ($15) is the world’s most talented keychain.  The uses for this versatile piece of EDC are endless.  To name a few, you can use the clip as bookmark, a money clip, a bottle opener, a belt clip, a food pack sealer, and a headphone cable organizer. If Macgyver had a keychain, we are pretty sure it would be this one.

Tuch Wallet for iPhone

Tuch for iPhone 4 - Wallet
Contemporary Masculine

When it comes to everyday-carry, minimal is good. The Tuch Wallet for iPhone ($50) takes minimal to a whole new level.  This iPhone sleeve/wallet combo is made from one continuous piece of kangaroo leather.  It is designed to hold three credit cards and a couple of bills of cash in the wallet sleeve, and the iPhone sleeve lets you charge your phone without removing it from the leather.

HoldFast Gear Watch Strap

Leather Watch Strap
Contemporary Masculine

The only detriment to wearing a field watch with a nylon or leather band is that the band can wear and break over time.  If you need a watch strap replacement, consider this HoldFast Gear Watch Strap ($17.99).  It’s made from Kodiak oil-tanned cowhide and doubles as a key fob or cuff if you don’t want to use it as a watch strap.  Fits best on a Classic Timex or Swiss Army watch.

Field Theories Leather Portfolio

Leather Portfolio
Contemporary Masculine

A good leather portfolio is a timeless piece of everyday carry, and the Field Theories Leather Portfolio ($90-$175) is exactly what we’re talking about.  Each portfolio is made from a single continuous piece of full-grain leather.  The portfolio is cut, burnished, folded, stamped, riveted, and oiled – one at a time and entirely by hand.  It comes in a variety of sizes to fit your carrying needs (they even make an LP-sized version for all of our vinyl-loving readers!).