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Jackson Pulverizer Demolition Hammer

Demolition Hammer
Contemporary Masculine

If you are in the business of demolition, we can think of no better tool for you than the Jackson Pulverizer ($35).  This all-in-one demolition hammer practically tears down the walls for you, making your job easier.  It has a triangle shaped area for ripping drywall, claw teeth for better prying application, and textured TPE grip with shock dampening properties. So whether you are breaking up concrete or relieving stress on your bedroom walls, the pulverizer has you covered.

Cirrus Ice Ball Press

Cirrus Ice Ball Press

Stop diluting your scotch with crushed ice from the fridge, make sure you can taste every sip of grandpa’s old cough medicine with the Cirrus Ice Ball Press ($799).  Intended for professional barkeeps and fine hooch enthusiasts alike.  Just stick a block of ice in, wait a minute, and retrieve your perfect 2.75″ sphere of an ice ball from this amazing contraption.  This ice ball melts slowly, maintaining the taste of your whiskey of choice.  No high balls allowed. (via)

Miansai Brass Voyager Hook Keychain

Rope Keychain
Keep track of your keys in style

Looking to add some color to your keychain?  The Miansai Brass Voyager Hook Keychain ($55) does the trick.  This hand-made keychain comes in eight different colors and doubles as a bracelet for those of you who are feeling bold.  A creation of Michael Andrew Saiger, this keychain/bracelet hybrid is one of many vintage accessories that Miansai offers.  The contemporary gentleman approves.