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Texas Grill Brush

Texas Grill BrushWhen your grill surface is big enough to roast an entire cow, you will need the Texas Grill Brush ($50) to get that grill gunk out of those back corners.  With a 4-foot handle, black steel and course bristles, this is about as heavy-duty as grill brushes get.  They will even iron-brand your name on the handle, just so everyone on the block knows who has the big stick in the neighborhood.

City Boy Picnic Grill

City Boy Picnic Grill

When “roughing it” doesn’t exactly carry the same meaning for you as it does for everyone else, your ability to create a fire purely from sticks is not very likely.  Lucky for you there is the City Boy Picnic Grill ($229).  This powder-coated stainless steel grill runs on a 225g standard gas cartridge, so your next camping trip will include less cold canned food and more warm meats, even if you didn’t kill it yourself.

Cast Iron Garlic Roaster

Charcoal Champion Garlic Roaster

Grilling season is upon us, which means it’s time to improve your grilling technique.  Get rid of the foil this season and pick up this Cast Iron Garlic Roaster ($20) by Charcoal Champion.  Just put the garlic in with some butter, salt, pepper, and perhaps some Worcestershire, and you will have deliciously soft garlic in no time.  Just try not to eat the whole clove, lest you become “Stinky Pete” at work the next day. Comes with a garlic squeezer.

Grillworks Infierno 103


If you are in search of the most comprehensive, full-service grill on the market, you can stop looking.  It is the called the Grillworks Infierno 103 ($TBA) and it puts just about any other grill to shame.  This custom-built grilling station is designed to include the chef, and his fire, in the dining experience.  With a central fire station that quickly creates charcoal from whole pieces of wood, each grilling station has upper fixed shelves for resting and a sub-shelf system for smoking and gentle cooking.  The grill also includes a lift system and built-in storage, and entire structure is lined with floating fire brick that will accommodate just about anything you want to cook on it.  Available freestanding or built-in.


Kettle Pizza
Contemporary Masculine

When you are into making homemade pizza but you don’t have the funds to build your own brick oven, using a conventional oven just doesn’t cut it.  The KettlePizza ($139.95+) is just like an ordinary kettle grill, with an insert that turns the grill into a woodfired pizza oven.  Upgrade to the Deluxe and you will get the peel and stone to give your homemade pizza that extra authentic flavor kick.

Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter

Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter
Contemporary Masculine

Most grill-masters maintain that charcoal is better than gas, and we agree.  Light your charcoal to that perfect ashen color in no time with the Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter ($14.59).  Made from aluminized steel with a stay-cool thermoplastic handle, the chimney starter also has a cone bottom ensures a fast start.  No more lighter fluid means better tasting meats.