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Nice Laundry Socks

Nice LaundryIf you are like us, your dryer has an appetite for gobbling up one of your socks on a weekly basis.  With so many un-matched socks, it’s tough to look fresh.  Enter one of the newest Kickstarter projects: Nice Laundry ($34+).  These colorful designer socks come in packs of six, and are easy on the wallet at around $6 per pair. And forget scrutinizing over which colors look best in your sock drawer, Nice Laundry has prepared six different combination packs to suit every type of man (we personally like the “Chief” pack shown above).

Cinch Wallet

Cinch Minimalist WalletSlim wallet’s are much more functional if you are a front-pocket wallet guy, and the Cinch Minimalist Wallet ($25+) is an excellent candidate for your next wallet purchase. Yet another Kickstarter project that we have come to love, the Cinch Wallet from Portsmith Co. comes with either a wooden or stainless steel backbone, with the stainless steel variety including a bottle opener. Time to cut down on your pocket bulge, it’s becoming offensive.


Charge Card for iPhone

The latest genius product to emerge from Kickstarter: ChargeCard ($20+) an iPhone or Android charger cord that fits in your wallet.  On one end, the ChargeCard has either an iPhone or Android fixture, fold out the middle to reveal a usb fixture on the other end that fits into your computer, your car dock, or any other standard USB input. The card body is made of ABS plastic, the USB arm is flexible thermoplastic elastomer, and at 0.1″ thick, it will fit comfortably in just about any wallet you choose to carry.

MaKey MaKey

Makey Makey: An Invention Kit for Everyone

At first, we weren’t quite sure what it was or how it worked, then we watched the video and it all makes sense now.  MaKey MaKey ($40) is an “invention kit for everyone” that let’s you hack hardware to create fun and crazy inventions.  Created by two MIT graduates, the MaKey Makey uses alligator clips to simulate keystrokes, which turns just about any object in to a user interface.  Now you can make banana pianos, DDR water buckets, arm guitars, Play-Doh controllers, and anything else you might be able to come up with. Brilliant

JackHawk 9000 – Titanium Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Titanium Bottle Opener Sunglasses

Another Kickstarter project, another genius product.  We have seen bottle openers incorporated into shoes, belts, hats, but never before have we seen bottle opener sunglasses.  The JackHawk 9000 – Titanium Bottle Opener Sunglasses ($90+) are exactly what you think they would be: sunglasses with bottle openers on either arm.  The frame is made from the same material as the SR-71 Blackbird spy plane, and the polarized lenses are coated with Iradium to reduce glare and improve scratch resistance.  Essentially, these sunglasses are indestructible and will ensure that you alway have a means to open your cold brew.

The Clip

The Clip by Little Bonsai
Contemporary Masculine

The product of yet another successful Kickstarter project, The Clip ($15) is the world’s most talented keychain.  The uses for this versatile piece of EDC are endless.  To name a few, you can use the clip as bookmark, a money clip, a bottle opener, a belt clip, a food pack sealer, and a headphone cable organizer. If Macgyver had a keychain, we are pretty sure it would be this one.

Kolstom Classic

Kolstom Carbon Fiber Sunglasses
Contemporary Masculine

Sometimes we feel like everything should be made out of carbon fiber, it’s lightweight and super-durable, which is why carbon fiber sunglasses are a brilliant idea.  The Kolstom Classic ($150) is the newest sensational Kickstarter project, and these sunglasses are as awesome as they look.  Holding the title as the “World’s First Molded Carbon Fiber Sunglasses,”  these shades have a unique locking hinge, thermally fused 9-layer scratch-free polarized lenses, and a frame style that is complementary to almost any face shape.


Contemporary Masculine

What do you get when you cross Kickstarter with two MIT grads?  You get an ingenious product called Twine ($99) that connects everyday products to the internet (like your washing machine or your front door).  We are not really sure exactly how we are going to use it, but this super-smart capsule contains an accelerometer, a thermometer, and it communicates to a web-based interface through Wi-Fi.  Now you can easily program your Twine to send you a text/email/tweet when someone knocks at your front door or when your clothes are finished drying. (via)