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Goruck Man Tie – Narrow

Goruck Man Tie Narrow

When you need your tie to be as ruggedly stylish as you are, look no further than the Goruck Man Tie – Narrow ($65). The first military-grade tie in history, this tie “laughs at water, abrasion, and danger”.  So whether you are escaping deadly assassins in a suit, or you are trying to avoid a nasty ketchup stain during lunch, the Goruck Man Tie doesn’t care.  Comes with a lifetime guarantee, also comes in Classic width.

Stalward Ltd. Neckties

Stalward Neckties

For most men, neckties are an afterthought. You don’t think about them until its time to wear them, which is fine until you are left with the mustard yellow one your Aunt Edna gave you three Christmases ago.  Be a little more proactive with your neckwear and get some ties from Stalward Ltd. Neckties ($64).  These reasonably prices neckties are constructed in a family owned factory on the West side of Chicago.  They are a bit slimmer than your dad’s ties, but it is time to start dressing your age.