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Industrial Desk Accessories from Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware Desk Accessories
Contemporary Masculine

If your office desk is looking a little too plain, it’s time to rethink the way you look at your desk accessories.  Think of them as desk ornaments that bring style into your business.  These Industrial Desk Accessories ($6.99-$69) from Restoration Hardware are a good start.  Choose from a heavy duty pencil sharpener, carbon-steel super clips, giant super clips, amazingly powerful magnets, and ACE pilot 404 Stapler, and an aluminum tape dispenser.

Behance Action Journal

Behance Action Journal
For the record, write shit down.


Stop fumbling through post-its and torn-out notebook pages to find your old meeting notes.  Keep your notes in order with the Behance Action Journal ($17.50).  This handy notepad gives a new approach to productivity, with designated action step boxes and even a “backburner” section for those hair-brained ideas.  Pretty soon you’ll be less like Doc Brown and more like DaVinci.