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Paracord Dog Leash

SGT Knots Paracord Dog Leash

If you and Fido are the adventurous type, be prepared for the unthinkable with this Paracord Dog Leash ($40) from SGT Knots.   With 16 different colors to choose from, this dog leash stands at 5 feet in length, 8 strands of US made paracord totaling approximately 60 feet of paracord. And if you aren’t a hiker, this dog leash will make you and your pup look like secret MacGyvers on the paved running path.

Campfire Dragon

Fire Starter
Contemporary Masculine

Have you ever tried to start a fire the old-fashioned way?  Grab a stick a rub it on another stick like Link from Encino Man until you make sparks.  Well, it’s damn near impossible, which is why there’s the Campfire Dragon ($8.99) from Duluth Pack.  Aside from its incredible name, this hose is designed to help you get the fire going and keep the fire going.  Just direct the air to the spot that needs a little air, and watch the fire roar.

Tactical Sammich

Survival Sandwich
Contemporary Masculine

Unless you are Bear Grylls, you probably aren’t dropped in the middle of nowhere very often.  But in the rare occasion that you are left to fend for yourself, make sure you are stocked with some Tactical Sammiches ($6). This survival sandwich has a shelf life of two years, has less than 300 calories per sandwich, and comes in both pepperoni and honey BBQ.  It might not completely save your life, but it will at least keep you fat and happy for the albino hill people.

Gerber Ultimate Survival Kit

Bear Grylls Survival Kit
Contemporary Masculine

Take a tip from Bear Grylls and prepare yourself for the unthinkable with the Gerber Ultimate Survival Kit ($52).  Stick this 4.5″ x 5″ waterproof bag in your pack, and if you find yourself stranded on a desert island, or stuck high up in the mountains, you will have all the tools you need to make it out alive.  16-piece kit includes a Gerber Miniature Multi-tool, waterproof bag, miniature light, hand saw, signaling mirror, survival blanket, fire starter, waterproof matches, cotton ball (fire tinder), snare wire, emergency cord, waxed thread, fishing kit, sewing kit, lanyard whistle, ripstop nylon bag with waterproof zipper, land-to-air rescue instructions, and of course Bear Grylls’ “Priorities of Survival.”

The Cave by HeimPlanet

The Cave by HeimPlanet
Contemporary Masculine

We have seen the future of camping, and it looks like a mix between the Lunar Rover and something out of Tron Legacy.  The Cave ($669) by HeimPlanet is a revolutionary approach to tent design, by modeling The Cave after the molecular structure of a diamond.  This 3-person tent is completely inflatable and structurally sound, which means easy set-up and no more poles.