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Poler Napsack

Contemporary Masculine

Most traditional sleeping bags have the same shape: rectangular.  But we aren’t interested in traditional, which is why we suggest the Poler Napsack ($130).  This interestingly shaped sleeping bag is rated to 50 degrees, it has zippers at the shoulders for your arms, a cinch at the bottom for your legs, and a chest pocket to keep your personal goods (like gummy snacks or something).  So whether you are a habitual couch-surfer, or you are just looking to upgrade your lazy-Sunday wardrobe, this napsack should suit you well.

Poler Duffaluffagus

Poler Duffaluffagus Duffle Bag
Contemporary Masculine

90% duffle bag, 10% backpack, 100% awesome name. The Duffaluffagus ($80) by Poler is a classic duffle bag big enough to fit a whole week’s worth of goods.  Carry it like a normal duffle, wear it as a backpack, or strap your skateboard to the bottom and pull it behind you.  The Duffaluffagus doesn’t care how you use it, just that you use it.