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Southern Grind GranDaddy

Southern Grind Machete

If you find yourself in the market for a machete, you want to make sure it can handle the wilderness as well as you do.  We recommend the Southern Grind GranDaddy Machete ($225). From musician Zac Brown‘s knife shop in Atlanta, this machete has a bowie style 11″ blade and an overall length of 16 7/8″ with the Southern Grind logo etched into the micarta handle.  (via)

Leatherneck Knives

Cold Steel Leatherneck Knives
Contemporary Masculine

If your pocket knife is insufficient protection for your elaborate adventures, you might consider upgrading to a tactical blade.  Leatherneck Knives ($89.99) by Cold Steel come with either a 6 3/4″ or 7″ blade (depended on model), which should be plenty enough to fend off any unwanted visitors on your next excursion.  The Leatherneck series is named honor of the U.S. Marines who have carried the moniker since their first battles in 1776.  These super-sharp blades are made from German stainless steel and come with Cold Steel’s Secure-Ex sheath to help you avoid any accidental slips.

Montie Gear Slingshot

Montie Gear Y-Fork Slingshot
Contemporary Masculine

Being a “grown-up” doesn’t mean that you are forbidden from buying cool toys, it means that you have the money to buy really awesome toys like the Montie Gear Slingshot ($99.95).  This slingshot is a bit of an upgrade from that tree branch you used as a kid.  It’s made from either powder coated or anodized aluminum (depending on the color) with a tapered flat band and leather pouch assembly.  The handle is wrapped with 550 test weight paracord for comfort (or for survival, should you find yourself stranded).  It might not be a toy that you want to carry everyday, but it is definitely something you want in your survival pack. (via)

Tactical Sammich

Survival Sandwich
Contemporary Masculine

Unless you are Bear Grylls, you probably aren’t dropped in the middle of nowhere very often.  But in the rare occasion that you are left to fend for yourself, make sure you are stocked with some Tactical Sammiches ($6). This survival sandwich has a shelf life of two years, has less than 300 calories per sandwich, and comes in both pepperoni and honey BBQ.  It might not completely save your life, but it will at least keep you fat and happy for the albino hill people.