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Keg Skins
Contemporary Masculine

Tailgate season is over, but warm weather is on the way, which makes for some great kegger outdoor party weather.  Avoid the hassle of dealing with oversized trash bins and ice, and invest in a KegSkin ($39.95 – $49.95). Made from high quality, performance-tested Neoprene, this keg sleeve wraps your keg up like a burrito and keeps it cold for over 5 hours.  The Kegskin stretches and zippers to fit on any 1/2 keg shape.  They even offer customized colorways and logos so you can rep your favorite team or brand the KegSkin for your seasonal company keg parties. The best part, it pays for itself after two uses! (Found by Kelsea. Thanks, Kelsea!)

Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt

Pit Boss Tool Belt
Contemporary Masculine

When you are the king of the grill at your tailgate, your equipment should match your culinary prowess.  Make sure you have all your grill-gear handy with the Pit Boss BBQ Tool Belt ($69.99). This manly BBQ belt has places for your tools, pockets for your sauces and seasonings, loops for your lighter and thermometer, a place for your smart phone, insulated beer pockets and The Chamber TM – a special sealed and insulated pocket that holds a spare unopened beer.  Beer sold separately.