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Charge Card for iPhone

The latest genius product to emerge from Kickstarter: ChargeCard ($20+) an iPhone or Android charger cord that fits in your wallet.  On one end, the ChargeCard has either an iPhone or Android fixture, fold out the middle to reveal a usb fixture on the other end that fits into your computer, your car dock, or any other standard USB input. The card body is made of ABS plastic, the USB arm is flexible thermoplastic elastomer, and at 0.1″ thick, it will fit comfortably in just about any wallet you choose to carry.

Mini-Torch USB Charging Mini Flashlight

USB Charging Mini Flashlight
Contemporary Masculine

We are big fans of little LED flashlights. It seems like the smaller they get, the more powerful they are. Such is the case with the Mini-Torch USB Charging Mini Flashlight ($7).  At 8000-12,000 mcd for its ultra-white LED, this tiny flashlight charges in 2 hours for over 2 hours of use.  No more batteries, just recharge and reuse.