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Cinch Wallet

Cinch Minimalist WalletSlim wallet’s are much more functional if you are a front-pocket wallet guy, and the Cinch Minimalist Wallet ($25+) is an excellent candidate for your next wallet purchase. Yet another Kickstarter project that we have come to love, the Cinch Wallet from Portsmith Co. comes with either a wooden or stainless steel backbone, with the stainless steel variety including a bottle opener. Time to cut down on your pocket bulge, it’s becoming offensive.

TGT (Tight) Wallets

Tight Wallet

Some days you feel like your wallet is too fat to fit in your pocket, which is exactly why Brooklyn designer Jack Sutter created Tight Wallets ($16+).  Made from soft Italian leather and high-quality elastic, these wallets fit into tight pockets, make pants fit better, and force you to get rid of excess wallet baggage (like that Starbucks gift card with $0.79 on it).

RetroModern Aged Leather Pocket

RetroModern Aged Leather Pocket

If you are a fan of the all-in-one pocket wallet, then look no further than the RetroModern Aged Leather Pocket ($99).  Handmade and aged in Estonia, this pocket wallet fits your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch, your credit cards, and your cash conveniently in one location.  The aged brown leather will look like the wallet was handed down from your great-grandfather, but only you and I will know that you bought it through Etsy.

Proof Wood Wallet

Wood Wallet

The concept seemed a bit strange to us at first, but after we watched this video it all makes sense now.  The Proof Wood Wallet ($15-$23) is designed to eliminate your giant wallet bulge with an innovative slab wallet made from sustainable materials.  Made from either birch or bamboo wood, these wallets are bound with a recycled bicycle tube strip and are slim enough to keep you sitting level, even if you have all of your credit card and cash in your wallet.

American Bison Indispensable Wallet

The Indispensable Wallet

It’s difficult to find EDC products designed with photographer in mind, but the people at Hold Fast Gear focus on exactly that.  They have recently introduced new colors of their American Bison Indispensable Wallet ($65) designed just for photographers, although the rest of us could benefit from the wallet’s simplicity.  It has one outside pocket for ID and credit cards, and a simple flap that reveals two slots for memory cards (of the SD and CF variety).  There is also a larger interior pocket for business cards and cash, which means less time fumbling through pockets for cards and more time making money snapping photos.

Tuch Wallet for iPhone

Tuch for iPhone 4 - Wallet
Contemporary Masculine

When it comes to everyday-carry, minimal is good. The Tuch Wallet for iPhone ($50) takes minimal to a whole new level.  This iPhone sleeve/wallet combo is made from one continuous piece of kangaroo leather.  It is designed to hold three credit cards and a couple of bills of cash in the wallet sleeve, and the iPhone sleeve lets you charge your phone without removing it from the leather.

Noah Lambert Uni-fold Wallet

The Uni-fold Wallet by Noah Lambert
Contemporary Masculine

Innovation of the classic billfold is hard to come by, but Noah Lambert has it figured out with his Uni-fold Wallet ($90). This “uni-fold” bi-fold wallet is made from one solitary piece of 5oz vegetable tanned bridle leather from Wickett & Craig of Pennsylvania.  Two precisely placed seams give the bi-fold its shape, and as with all leather goods the leather will darken and improve with wear.

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet

Bellroy Wallet
Contemporary Masculine

The makers at Bellroy are revolutionizing the way we carry things, and their Slim Sleeve Wallet ($79.95) is a perfect example.  This modern rendition of the classic bi-fold holds 15+ cards while reducing ugly wallet bulk.  It has two quick access card slots for your most often used cards, and pull tab access for the cards you use less frequently.  Outer is made from premium vegetable tanned cow leather.

BookBook for iPhone

BookBook for iPhone
Contemporary Masculine

Pretty soon you will do everything from your phone, including checking out at the cash register.  Until that time comes, consolidate your every day carry in scholarly style with the BookBook for iPhone ($59.99) from TwelveSouth.  This leather wallet/iPhone case hybrid features edge-to-edge screen access and a unique design that mimics a distinguished leather bound book.